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MoB x Stephen Nothling Puzzle 1000pc

Brisbane artist Stephen Nothling was born with incredibly poor eyesight. He spent his formative years crashing into plate glass windows, sitting far too close to the television and was unable to catch anything thrown at him.

By happenstance in 1980, he saw an ad in the Courier Mail for the Queensland College of Art and decided to apply.  He was accepted. Art College changed his life although employment prospects were hardly improved. During this time, he decided to stop wearing his glasses and face his future with a newly realised vision albeit somewhat blurry and perspectively challenged.

Stephen showed his first works publicly in 1985 at Metro Arts in Brisbane. In his over thirty-year career as a visual artist, Stephen has passed many milestones. With well over 30 solo exhibitions, his work has been collected extensively throughout Australia and internationally.

Stephen, his partner Deirdre and children Lily and Charlie have lived in their pink and purple house in Highgate Hill since 2001. He paints in a studio in the backyard garage.  Somewhat private he prefers the solitude and quietness. For inspiration and subject matter for Jewel of Highgate Hill 1, he simply had to venture outside and go for a walk!

The Jewel of Highgate Hill 1 puzzle is exclusive to MoB Shop.

Finished puzzle dimensions: 47.2cm x 73.6cm

Box dimensions: 34.5cm x 22cm

Pieces: 1000