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Tinta Crayons Australia Bush & Beach

After many hours of research and testing, Tinta Crayons has created the perfect mix to produce natural, organic and sustainable crayons.

Perfect for little hands, Tinta Crayons are designed to help develop fine motor skills
and support learning. From petals and robots to dinosaurs and personalised name
crayons, there’s a unique shape for everyone and ready to help bring ideas to life!

This product is free from palm, soy and paraffin waxes and pigments that are free from heavy metals, asbestos and other toxic substances, Tinta Crayons are safe, eco-friendly and they smell nice too!

Fabrication: 100% Natural, Organic Beeswax 
Dimensions: Each crayon is approximately 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 1cm
(Box is 10cm x 10cm x 4cm)

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