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Journeys in Natural Dyeing by Kristin Vejar et al

Techniques for Creating Color at Home
Similar to cooking and the act of sharing meals, our relationship to textiles is a core tenet of our human experience. Creating textiles cultivates connection, belonging, community, and friendships among people. In the world of textiles, natural dyeing is the closest we come to the act of cooking.

Journeys in Natural Dyeing shares the story of Kristine Vejar and Adrienne Rodriguez’s travels to four countries—Iceland, Mexico, Japan, and Indonesia—where they visited natural dyers who use locally-sourced dyes to create textiles that evoke beauty, a connection to their environment, and showcase their mastery of skill. This book shares their process of using their own locally-grown dyes and includes recipes and projects to create more than 400 shades of colour. In addition, you will learn how to use your own natural environment to create deep, beautiful colours. No matter where you live, creating colour naturally is possible.


Format: Hardcover 

Dimensions: 26.1 x 21.2 x 2.1cm

ISBN: 9781419747076

Pages: 240