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BCC Brisbane: Australia's New World by Denver Beanland

Apart from the history of the old Town Hall and City Hall, this book provides an analysis of Council’s policies and the delivery of services and infrastructure that shaped Brisbane between 1985 and 2013.

It provides a permanent record of Council accomplishments during a period of enormous change. Established three months before Queensland separated from New South Wales in 1859 one of the first issues that faced the new Brisbane Municipal Council was the need for a Town Hall.

This publication brings to life the shortcomings of the old Town Hall and the forty-year battle to erect a more suitable facility, which became City Hall. The odyssey continued in the decade long financial struggle to construct Brisbane’s City Hall following the end of World War I.

The Council’s aspirational vision for Brisbane, together with strategies and objectives, that make the city a great place to conduct business, work and live are embraced in the concept Brisbane – Australia’s New World City.

Today, not only does Council provide the basic services but also must compete against other major cities, both in Australia and internationally, if Brisbane is to progress and not stagnate. With blue skies, a subtropical climate and outdoor lifestyle, Brisbane is positioned on the world stage as vibrant, innovative, clean and green, a great place to live.

ISBN 9781925522075

Format: Hardcover

Dimensions 297 × 210 × 28 mm

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