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River Publication with Beauty USB

 History of Brisbane

Dive deeper into the history of our beautiful Brisbane river. Chronicling the course of the river and exploring the history of her path, The River is an exclusive Museum of Brisbane publication. 

Beauty USB

River Publication includes a USB containing the 10 minute video featured in the exhibition The River: A history of Brisbane. 

Appreciation of the river's beauty begins with acts of exploration. It encompasses trekking through forest in the river's upper reaches or watching the peaceful glide of rowers on the water before dawn when walking to work in the city. 

It's reflective, inspiring daydreams and art, and it is transformative, giving identity to its inhabitants. For centuries Brisbane writers, poets, photographers and artists have endeavoured to capture the river's beauty. 

Format: Paperback, USB included

Dimensions: 16.5cm x 24cm

ISBN: 9780992368234

Number of Pages : 223

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