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Botanicals Australia Perfume: Peace

These lovely natural perfumes are made with all natural ingredients, hand-crafted with love and intention in Brisbane, Australia.

Peace is hand-crafted with organic and Australian grown cornflower petals immersed in a botanical blend of patchouli, may chang and sweet orange. Well known for their balancing and cheerful aromas that are feminine, fruity, floral with a subtle sweetness.

Apply to pulse points on wrists and neck, to feel pure bliss.

This is a heavenly scent of natural perfume made with bright pink and white cornflowers that elate pure joy.

The perfect gift for a best friend loved one, or simply for yourself. A daily self-love companion that brings you peace and happiness.

Fabrication: 100% natural plant-based ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oil (unscented), pure essential oils of patchouli, may chang and sweet orange with organic Australian grown cornflower petals. 

Dimensions: 12 ml roller, Bottle 8.5cm High, 2.5cm deep


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