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After January by Nick Earls

This January is different. School is over for Alex Delaney and he's waiting for his tertiary offer - only 17 days away. The waiting is killing him. He's not expecting much from January. Bodysurfing, TV, but mainly waiting. So he's not ready for the girl who cuts past him on a wave. Not at all prepared for her perfect balance on the board, the bare elegant muscles of her shoulders and back. Just a girl. Compelling green eyes, gold skin something graceful and elusive about her. January is about to change.

It's though the future is held here. Held at bay, held at more than arm's length. Held just beyond my reach all the long days of summer. And the waiting is everywhere ...

For the first time, this new edition combines Alex Delaney's two stories, After January and 'Juliet', by award-winning and popular author Nick Earls.

ISBN: 9780702237652

Format: Paperback
Published: February 2010

Number Of Pages: 264

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