Brisbane's Greek Cafe's | A Million Malted Milks

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Storyteller, food writer and cultural historian, Toni Risson writes everything from picture books to academic articles. 

Before smashed avocado and acai bowls, even before McDonald’s, there was the Greek café. A handful of Greek migrants were trading in oyster saloons in Brisbane during the 1890s. By the 1920s a vibrant café society flourished in the Queensland capital under the watchful eye of more than seventy Greek proprietors. They served banana splits and fish ‘n’ chips, mixed grills and malted milks, ice cream sodas and toasted sandwiches. And the soda, the ice cream, even the confectionery, were made on the premises. With plenty of affordable food AT ALL HOURS from a menu that was the same countrywide, the Greek café was the McDonald’s of its time. Discover Brisbane’s forgotten café culture with Christie’s, Nick’s Café, Bond’s Chocolates and dozens of other Brisbane shops, and the families who ran them.

The perfect coffee table book produced in full colour with 200 pages featuring photographs of Brisbane’s Greek cafés.

Fabrication: Paperback
Dimensions: 20cm x 20.5cm