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Brisbane | The Aboriginal Presence

This second edition has been reviewed and expanded to include some of Australia’s best qualified historians and researchers in Aboriginal history. Many of these authors continue to campaign for more research into First Nations history and the Frontier Wars..

The papers provide overviews of race relations during each of these periods, and highlight various themes, including:
• Aboriginal occupation before European settlement
• The impact of European settlement
• Reciprocal attitudes and relations
• Aboriginal resistance and European repression
• Sexual relations between Aborigines and Europeans
• The role of law, administration and the press
• Aborigines in the local economy
• The failure of assimilation
• The fate of local clans

These papers are based on detailed research of primary sources by experienced historians who are distinguished for the originality and calibre of their work.

This attractive and informative volume is for everyone interested in race relations generally and Brisbane in particular, including students, teachers, schools, libraries, academics and the general reader.

Format: Paperback