Journeys in Natural Dyeing


Similar to food and the act of sharing meals, our relationship to textiles—both creating them and using them—is a core tenet of our human experience. As with cooking, making textiles enables learning, shared experiences, conversations, and relationships. The timehonored traditions explored in this book have deep connections to the cultures from which they stem, and Vejar and Rodriguez present these techniques both to educate and inspire. Natural Dyeing: The Boundless Possibility of Color is an indepth guide to a wealth of information. Through their exploration of worldwide dyeing practices, the book compares and contrasts how people create color—in a multitude of shades, tones, and varietals—within different contexts, showcasing that the art of creating color is filled with endless possibility. The book will feature a number of new dyeing techniques along with detailed recipes and projects to replicate at home.

Format: Hardback
Dimensions: 21.2cm x 26.1 cm