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Nell: The Australian Heiress who saved her Husband from Stalin and the Nazis By Susanna De Vries

NELL, THE AUSTRALIAN HEIRESS WHO SAVED HER HUSBAND FROM STALIN & THE NAZIS relates the fascinating story of department store heiress, Nell Tritton whose elder siblings died in the 1919 Spanish flu pandemic; their systems weakened by childhood lead poisoning. Doctors warned Nell her life was also likely to be curtailed and wanting to live it to the full she went to live in Jazz Age Montparnasse. After a whirlwind romantic courtship Nell married a handsome Tsarist cavalry officer who had lost his estates in the Russian revolution and supported his efforts to become a singer. Nell also supported the talented Russian writer Nina Berberova who confided to her the hidden story of the Lockhart Plot funded by the British secret service to assassinate Lenin. ?The British did this to stop Communism revolution spreading to Britain,? explains Susanna. ?Nell showed her spy novel to author Compton Mackenzie who had worked for MI6 unaware Mackenzie was being prosecuted for a spy novel deemed to have contravened the Official Secrets Act. He warned Nell her novel with details of the Lockhart plot also contravened the Act and her spy novel remained unpublished.

Published: 26th May 2020
ISBN: 9781925877526
Number Of Pages: 240

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