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Seriously Playful Creativity by Dr Cathryn Lloyd

Seriously Playful Creativity by Dr Cathryn Lloyd

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Seriously Playful Creativity:
an A-Z of Creative Action and Reflection

In this book you’ll learn:

How to shift your thinking and gain a different and broader perspective on what it means to be creative.

How to stimulate new ways of thinking by giving you an A to Z of ideas for you to experiment and play with.

Why you need space to doodle, write, colour and learn how to make your mark.

How curious questions will encourage you to pause, reflect and gain a new perspective.

Plus a practical creativity checklist to help you start

And much more….
Whether you are an artist, accountant, business owner, senior manager, CEO, doctor, lawyer, teacher, or volunteer Seriously Playful Creativity will give you ways to think and be more creative.

Here is your invitation to reflect, imagine, play, plan and take action and it’s now available for purchase.

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