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The Great Fletch: The dazzling life of Wimbledon larrikin Ken Fletcher by Hugh Lunn

When a passing French tennis superstar gave the young Ken Fletcher his tennis racquet, he didn't know what he'd started. Ken Fletcher took the racquet, which was far too too big for him, tucked its handle under his armpit and with a determination and enthusiasm borne of boredom, began to bang the ball against a board in this back garden, using his whole body to get behind the ball. One day Kenny would thrill the crowds and dismay his opponents at Wimbledon with this forehand, which Harry Hopman would later call 'the best forehand in the world'. It helped young Ken win five doubles titles and, at age eighteen, propelled him into the world of casinos, chaffeur-driven cars, beautiful women and applauding crowds. Award-winning author Hugh Lunn has written a humorous and insightful account of the life of his childhood friend. He explores how a boy from Annesley Junction turned into a champion tennis player, and with his trademark humour and style he not only brings us the life of a sporting great, he paints us a picture of a more innocent time in Australian history.

Fabrication: Paperback

ISBN: 9780733322099

Number of Pages: 356

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