Unfinished Business: The Art of Gordon Bennett

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Unfinished Business offers fresh insight into the work of Australian artist Gordon Bennett (1955-2014), including new interpretations of his intelligent synthesis of influences and ideas and globally recognised contribution to contemporary art. More than 120 colour reproductions of Bennett’s paintings, installations and video works – including not only key series but also a selection of rarely seen works on paper – as well as written commentaries by Dr Zara Stanhope, Abigail Bernal, Simon Wright, Dr J. Faith Almiron and Tim Riley Walsh confirm Bennett as one of our most important contemporary artists whose influence continues to reverberate around Australia and across the world.

Produced in close collaboration with the Estate of Gordon of Bennett, Unfinished Business includes works created from the 1980s to 2014 sourced from studio, public and private collections, including early installation works; Bennett’s ‘history’ paintings; mirror paintings, De Stijl works; his ‘Home décor’ series; ‘Notes to Basquiat’ works; abstract ‘Stripe’ paintings; and late works showing renewed engagement with political contexts. Pages from the artist’s personal notebooks, as well as archival photographs provided by the Gordon Bennett Estate, provide intimate insight into how the artist worked with images and text and used drawing as a generative tool, and convey the connection with international artists in his work.

Format: Hardback
Dimensions: 21.2cm x 25.9 cm