Waltzing Matilda: Australia’s Accidental Anthem


 Waltzing Matilda ─ Australia’s Accidental Anthem written by a criminal barrister, is a forensic history of the events, the people and the places that led to the writing of Australia’s internationally famous song. Criminal barristers often declare that fact is more bizarre than fiction; the factual origins of Waltzing Matilda are no exception. In an effort to debunk ‘fake’ historical claims,the author takes a forensic approach, laying bare the evidence, and along the way he discovers some new twists to a story dating back to 1895.

AUTHOR: W. Benjamin Lindner is a criminal barrister who has appeared for the defence of those charged with terrorism offences, murder, drugs, sex and those who play rock & roll. He has appeared on behalf of asylum seekers on Nauru. His practice has extended from working in Alice Springs for the Aboriginal Legal Service to teaching advocacy to lawyers in Samoa, New Guinea, Bangladesh and at the Victorian Bar Reader's Course. Linder has had a long-standing fascination with the life and times of Waltzing Matilda.

Fabrication: Paperback
Dimensions: 15cm x 23cm