Bee One Third Bee Pollen 40g vial


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100% Australian Bee Pollen 

A powerful and easily assimilated source of 
B vitamins, minerals, free forming amino acids, and protein. 100% Australian bee pollen provides powerful energy support, even while you’re punching out sessions at the gym, or charging your bike through the hills.  This superfood is fantastic for anyone leading an on-the-go lifestyle and looking for a tasty infusion of energizing nutrients.

Bee pollen is collected at the front of the hive when the female worker bees have returned from visiting hundred of flowers. Each bee will bring back only two granules of bee pollen per visit out of their hives.
Bee One Third install small traps on the base of the beehive, where the pollen drops into, and the beekeeper collects this daily. Bee pollen collection does not harm the bees, and nor does it take any pollen (the bees protein!) away from the hive.

Bee Pollen is a delicious way to introduce a new raw source of protein to your routine, as the body can easily digest and absorb it due to its high mineral content.

Start small with ½ tsp daily, then work up to 1-2 tsp daily. Best used in smoothies, granola, yogurt or salads.