Chloe Waddell Hand-Coloured Plywood Earring #3


Chloë Waddell is a maker of jewellery, objects and mixed media artworks working out of Vacant Assembly, a shared studio in West End, Brisbane. Each piece of Chloë's jewellery is a unique artwork.

The plywood is hand cut, filed and sanded then cityscapes are hand drawn with coloured pencil and ink. A sterling silver frame is individually made to match the artwork and then they are riveted together. 

The Cityscape series was first inspired by a trip she took to New York, through photography she captured the slices of urban landscapes which often go unnoticed. Since then, Chloë has made work responding to interesting corners of Brisbane and other cities throughout Australia. 

Fabrication: Plywood, Sterling silver
Dimensions: 4.5cm x 4cm 
Weight: Approximately 6g per earring