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Erinswindow Story Spoon #8

“erinswindow” is a small creative space situated on a laneway in Footscray. She works natural materials clay, fibre and paper, and loves working with her hands as it means connecting/re-connecting with materials and nature. It is a step working towards a kinder world where we live more mindfully within our environment. 

“erinswindow” porcelain art pieces all carry stories about nature, connection with animals, connection with self, inner strength, thoughts, and wonders about the world we live in. “erinswindow” art is very personal and unique and special.

Fabrication: Porcelain

Dimensions: Approx. 14cm long

Weight: Approx. 56g

Please note: All “erinswindow” items are individually handmade, so the dimensions and weight may vary slightly with each piece.

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