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Erinswindow Vase Person #4

“erinswindow” is a small creative space in a little studio situated on a laneway in Footscray. Erin loves working with natural materials directly in her hands, as it means connecting/re-connecting with materials and nature. Her art is a part of her goal of working towards a kinder world where we live more mindfully within our environment.

Her handmade porcelain vase people carry stories about walks in nature, connection with animals, connection with self, inner strength, thoughts and wonders about the world we live in…

All “erinswindow” art pieces are very personal, and a lovely addition to any room and home.

Often, the most precious pieces to us are not expensive things. Things that reminds us of the good in us and make us smile are...

Fabrication: Porcelain fired to 1280c

Dimensions: 14.5cm H x 7.5cm D

Weight: Approx 0.316kg

(Please note: due to the handmade nature of all “erinswindow” pieces the weights and sizes may vary slightly)

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