Moonshine Madness Tea Towel Magpie

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Moonshine Madness was created in 2009 by freelance graphic designer and illustrator, Mel Baxter. All her inspirations come from her home and the incredible land on which we live. The majority of her work is an appreciation for the wildlife and plantlife that is the backdrop to our lives. Mel is extremely passionate about handmade products that dont leave a heavy footprint, that bring beauty into a lifetime and that leave this world as softly as they entered. 

A tea towel that provides the beautiful texture of Linen, the durability of Cotton. Illustrated by Mel Baxter, printed in Sydney and then hand stitched by Mel and her mother in Clear Mountain, Queensland.

This towel is proudly and lovingly made in Brisbane, Australia.

Fabrication: 50% cotton, 50% linen
Dimensions: 46cm x 65