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New Farm Confectionery Chocolate Bark 100g

New Farm Confectionery's beautiful barks are in essence, slabs of creamy Belgian chocolate finished with an array of different toppings.

Crispearl: Sprinkled with oh so pretty individually flavoured Callebaut Crispearls, this milk chocolate treat tastes like five flavours in one, featuring balls of ruby, salted caramel, as well as dark and white chocolate.  

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry: This particular flavour is quintessential decadence and features couverture dark chocolate speckled with freeze dried raspberry.

Milk Peanut Brittle Bark: Made on couverture milk chocolate and studded with peanut brittle handcrafted in house. It's sweet, salty and chocolatey... everything you could possibly want.

Dark Chocolate and Peppermint: Couverture dark chocolate infused with a strong essential peppermint oil. The bark is then swirled with white chocolate which looks like a homage to the psychedelic 70's. 

Milk Roasted Almond & Smoked Salt: This scrumptious flavour is a little nod to all the savoury lovers out there. With unique roasted, smokey, and salty notes, it's the same chocolatey treat you deserve, without being overly sweet. 

Dark Chocolate & Pretzel: A small-batch sensation that combines the intense allure of dark chocolate with the playful crunch of premium pretzels.

Made in Brisbane.