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Rock & Gold The World is Your Oyster Earrings

Rock & Gold / Alice Yeung / Brisbane, Queensland

Alice Yeung is a Brisbane based Industrial Designer whose work combines the influence of the West with the traditional Japanese notion of “Wabi-Sabi” where characteristics such as imperfection, asymmetry and simplicity are revered.

She is known for her designs that contrast hand-picked one-of-a-kind rough gemstones with clean geometric shapes that accentuate the inherent beauty of the raw stones. It also brings her immense joy sifting through vintage components and incorporating them into her limited-edition collections.

In a world where mass production is commonplace, Alice feels it is important to create something unique yet enduring that will be treasured by the wearer for a long time to come.

Fabrication: Sterling Silver/24k Yellow Gold dipped Brass

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