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Ross Purdon

Ross Purdon Loose-lidded Box | Rose Gum & Huon Pine

Ross Purdon Loose-lidded Box | Rose Gum & Huon Pine

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Brisbane wood-worker Ross Purdon specialises in hand crafting wooden boxes and scultpures. His passion for timber and woodworking has been a constant throughout his life, coupled with a deep appreciation for both form and function.

He primarily utilises Australian native timbers, especially those found in Queensland and Tasmania. Every piece Ross crafts is one-of-a-kind and meticulously handmade to highlight the unique colour and grain of each type of timber.

Each of his pieces is hand finished to a high level of precision, and all are beautiful works of art.

Materials: Huon Pine & Rose Gum

Dimensions: 24cm W x 8cm H x 10.5cm D

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