Cath's Crafts

Cath's Crafts

Catherine Walker is a budding artist based in Brisbane who specialises in crafting one-of-a-kind, playful ceramics under the name Cath’s Crafts.

After graduating with a Diploma in Visual Arts from TAFE Queensland in 2021, Cath’s connection to clay has continued to grow. Not only is Cath dedicated to honing her own craft, she also generously shares her knowledge with the local ceramics community through her pottery classes. You might also find Catherine in our shop, where she’s a valued member of the team.


What inspired you to create Cath’s Crafts?

I first decided to pursue Cath’s Crafts in 2019. It wasn’t a serious thing in the beginning. I was originally doing embroidery and textile art, and I was crafting a lot while I looked for work. It initially began as a way to fund my craft habit.

I was inspired and driven by the reaction to my work. Seeing people smile and get excited over my ceramics and artwork really encouraged me to push this further. I love making and being able to explore my creative side. It brings me so much joy knowing my pieces are going to homes where they will brighten up somebody’s daily rituals.

You craft your ceramics locally. What’s your studio set up like?

My workspace is a modest single car garage. Some areas are well organised and others are chaotic. I like a balanced blend.

I am very grateful that I have my own space to create and get messy. One day I’d love my own studio with lots of light and plants.

Have you had any key learning moments or breakthroughs as an artist?

A turning point for me was when my pieces found a place in the Museum of Brisbane Shop. It gave me a sense of validation, that my pieces were worthy of being on display. Since then, I’ve refined my ‘little guys’ and have expanded the range. I also really value customer feedback and learning from other’s experiences and perspectives.

How do you source creative inspiration?

My style is inspired by cartoons with bright colours and exaggerated features, and I personally just love cute things. I’m a huge Pokémon fan and I love the bright colours in their artwork and their range of designs.

 As for coming up with new ideas, most of it is done on the fly. I don’t typically plan out designs beforehand. I enjoy making animals, food, and objects into cute ‘little guys’.

What’s your favourite stage of the making process?

I have my own small kiln which I love loading and unpacking. I used to work at a pottery studio and that was my favourite part of the job, putting rather dull looking mugs and pots into the kiln and then opening it up and seeing all the vibrant colours and glaze effects. It’s like magic! It’s also like dangerous tetris trying to get everything to fit.

With your experience and expertise in ceramics, what's the latest piece by a Brisbane-based maker that caught your eye and why?

Expertise is a strong word, but I appreciate the confidence in me (laughs).

I enjoy quite a few Brisbane ceramicists. I admire Kathy Gardiner’s use of colours and the consistency she achieves with underglazes.

Another ceramicist whose work amazes me is my former co-worker Rose (juju__ceramics) . Rose creates warped forms like squished teacups and teapots that retain their functionality. Rose also uses a piping technique that looks a bit like spaghetti formed to make a bowl. She's also super lovely and her work is well refined.


Images courtesy of Catherine Walker

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