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100 Australian Wildflowers by Mel Baxter

100 Australian Wildflowers is a stunningly illustrated book that serves as a valuable field and planting guide while offering a delightful visual experience.

Within its pages, author and illustrator Mel Baxter (known as Moonshine Madness) from Brisbane, takes readers on a journey through 100 native Australian flowering plants. Through imaginative botanical illustrations and detailed descriptions, each wildflower reveals cultural, historical, and spiritual significance, and some species may even help address environmental challenges when planted in suitable conditions. The book provides an intimate exploration of the habitats where these flowers thrive, showcasing the vibrant and fascinating lives of the surrounding flora and fauna. Additionally, the profiles include insights into traditional and edible uses by First Nations people, with many plant names presented in First languages.

Emphasizing conservation, 100 Australian Wildflowers also includes a basic planting guide, offering practical advice on cultivating a wildflower meadow, and directs readers on where to discover these flowers in their natural habitats.

About the author: For over 15 years, Mel Baxter has been a dedicated freelance designer and illustrator. Her wood cabin, nestled amidst gum trees and abundant flora and fauna on Turrbal Country in Queensland, serves as her inspiration and creative haven. Her passion for the bush shines through her work as she celebrates and honors the beauty of the natural world.

Format: Paperback