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Christine Moody A4 Print | Brisbane CBD

Christine Moody is a Brisbane-based Australian artist with a lifelong love for drawing and painting.

Combining design and illustration skills into thriving businesses, Christine draws inspiration from diverse sources like fashion, food, and global cities. Each piece tells a story steeped in research and crafted with premium tools, inviting viewers into a world of intricate beauty.

About the artwork

The Brisbane visual map serves as a reminder of visits to Brisbane for tourists, expressions of local affection for the city, or avenues to revisit memories, whether one still resides in Brisbane or not. The Brisbane CBD 4000 map is part of a series featuring cities and neighbourhoods across Australia and abroad.

These meticulously crafted, hand-drawn maps showcase iconic landmarks, museums, parks, eateries, and shops that define the vibrant fabric of Brisbane. Rather than serving as navigational tools, these artworks invite viewers to delight in discovering- and rediscovering - the myriad delights of this sub-tropical capital city of Queensland, Australia. 

Print of original artwork using ink and watercolour on paper

Dimensions: 210mm W x 297mm H (A4)