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Lilgrl Art Pendant #14

LILGRL is a 25 year old artist reigning from far North Queensland. Currently based in Meanjin (Brisbane). They have a background in self-taught visual arts practice alongside studies of expressive art therapies. Using this visual landscape as a vehicle to process and befriend the shadows of their past, allows not only the creator but the audience to question their lens of lived experience and what healing avenues they utilize in everyday life. 
LILGRL portrays their own visual stories of queerness and neurodiversity on hand crafted wearable art consisting of a vibrant array of characters, colours and patterns. Formulating their pieces through the physical practice of drawing, ripping, cutting and soldering sustainable sourced materials; allows the artist to experiment when wading through the waters of their psyche. This radical display has allowed LILGRL to be constantly developing and authentically healing the identity of the artist and the art, as each new learning arrives. 
Materials: Stained Glass mounted in a Sterling Silver and Alloy Frame
Dimensions: 2.5cm W x 3cm L