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Ronelle Clarke

Ronelle Clarke Citron Gloss Bud Vase

Ronelle Clarke Citron Gloss Bud Vase

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Ronelle's aim is for her work to be both aesthetically pleasing and a pleasure to handle and use. The flowing lines and simplicity of my forms act as a three-dimensional canvas for her brushwork decoration. Each piece is hand decorated which means no two pieces are identical.

Being influenced by her immediate environment as well as an interest in mid century modern design, Ronelle will photograph and sketch what is around her including plants, architecture, the coastal foreshore, river mouth, the sea and sandbar. These sketches are all used as starting points for the final designs that are altered and distilled down to simple patterns and marks.

Ronelle uses a variety of clay bodies including porcelain and employs a range of building techniques including slip casting and slab building. All the work is high fired and food and dishwasher safe.

Handmade in Brisbane.

Materials: Ceramic

Dimensions: 6cm H x 6.5cm W

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