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Ever Ceramics

Ever Ceramics

Julieta Denise hails from Brisbane and channels her passion for connection into her functional ceramic creations at Ever Ceramics. Her pieces frequently showcase small glimpses of clay, intentionally exposed through the glaze, fostering a profound connection with the elemental materials that each vessel are composed of.

The imprints left by her hands serve to deepen the connection, both with the artwork and with the artisan herself. Ever Ceramics is dedicated to crafting purposeful and cherished items for everyday use within the home.

We met with Julieta to delve deeper into her creative process and the driving forces behind her design inspirations.


When did you first decide to pursue Ever Ceramics, and what inspired you?

Ever Ceramics was created about five years ago. I had been making for a few years already and the cupboards at home were overflowing with cups, bowls and vases. I didn’t really think about it at the time, but on reflection Ever Ceramics was born from a desire to share and create connection with others through a medium I had become obsessed with. 


How has Ever Ceramics changed and grown over time? What has influenced its development?

I feel that my work in Ever Ceramics has become more confident and assured over the years, focusing more on surfaces or forms that I find interesting, rather than on what others may like or what other potters are doing. I am working on keeping my perfectionism in check so I can instil more of a sense of movement and freedom in my work.

I would say that the biggest influence on my work recently has been having a child and the creativity and problem solving that comes when working with snatches of time and unpredictability in getting into the studio. It’s also changed my world view, I don’t sweat the small stuff quite as much as I feel that calmness shows in what I make. 


Can you share some of the standout moments or achievements from Ever Ceramics that make you really proud?

I wouldn’t say I’m much one for the spotlight, so my proudest moments are when someone has bought a cup or piece and they’ve gotten in touch to let me know that it’s gone on to form part of their daily ritual, the coffee cup they drink from every morning or a vessel that holds sacred objects. This truly touches me.


When it comes to creating ceramics, what is your preferred working setup? Do you work from home or do you have a dedicated studio space?

I love talking clay with others but prefer to make on my own. My studio is setup in an old carpentry shed in my backyard, under a big lilly pilly and next to a smaller shed housing my electric kiln Noela. Almost everything in the shed has been picked up second hand or been gifted, so most tools and objects in the studio have a story. My first wheel was randomly gifted to me and although I’m not a superstitious person, I’ve always felt as though this was like a stamp of approval from the universe.  


With your experience and expertise in ceramics, what's the latest piece by a Brisbane-based maker that really caught your eye and why?

The recent Wayfarers; by Clairy Laurence; are honestly just magical, they all have such distinct and relatable personalities, and the level of finesse and detail is truly amazing. He’s not quite Brisbane-based, but also I’m forever swooning over the kick wheel thrown woodfired moon vases of Pãn Pottery up on the Sunshine Coast.  


Images courtesy of Julieta Denise

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