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Jess Nothdurft

Jess Nothdurft

Jessica Nothdurft is a Brisbane-based jeweller and artist known for her unique and innovative designs. Her jewellery is a reflection of her creative mind, with a focus on free-form and raw pieces.

Imperfections are intrinsic to her design process, resulting in truly unique and organic pieces. With a passion for experimentation and quality craftsmanship, Jessica is an artist to watch in the world of contemporary art and jewellery design.


When did you decide to pursue Jessica Nothdurft Jewellery?

I started making my own jewellery in 2012. At the time I felt that I needed a break from my painting and sculpture practice and wanted to try something new. Many years prior I would go into the Queensland Art Gallery to look at artist-made jewellery. I just loved the fact it was like wearable sculpture. Also, I enjoy wearing one-of-a-kind pieces.



What inspired to start crafting jewellery?

Twenty years ago a friend bought me a bangle from the QAG for my eighteenth birthday. I suppose it exposed me to art jewellery and ignited my interest. I’m inspired to make jewellery that is different and special, that is bespoke and unlike mass-produced jewellery. The Art Jewellery movement has been around for decades and I think that art jewellery emphasises creative expression and good design. 


How has Jessica Nothdurft Jewellery evolved over time and what has influenced its development?

When I first started I was making brooches out of carpenter pencils. I loved the shapes of the flat wide pencil. At the time my partner was a carpenter and he would keep all the little nubs for me and I would turn them into brooches. After that, I began working with copper, titanium, brass and silver sheets. I felt limited by the sheets and began exploring lost wax techniques and that’s how I’ve come to where I am today. 



Career highlights to date?

Honestly having my work displayed in some of Brisbane’s best galleries. Also having beautiful collectors coming back to me to commission more works. This year I am excited to be commissioned by Opera Australia to create a collection for their members.


Who or what inspires you creatively?

That’s a difficult question for me because inspiration comes from within. I’m careful not to look out at what others are doing because I don’t want to be influenced. 



Which part of the process of making jewellery do you enjoy the most?

When I’m working I don’t have a set-out plan. I just set up my materials and go for it and come what may. There’s a lot of experimenting and many pieces that don’t make the cut. My favourite part would be forming the pieces out of wax. It’s a natural process for me.


How does living in Greater Brisbane influence your creative practice?

Living in Brisbane has given me regular access to cultural and creative activities. 



Images courtesy of Jessica Nothdurft

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