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Cloudland by James Lergessner

Queen of the Dancehalls.

The memory of Cloudland at Boyd Street, Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Queensland, dredges up wonderful and scintillating images from our past.
Who could ever forget Cloudland’s beautiful pink dome nestled high against a twinkling and starry sky; the gigantic Domestyle pillars inside the ballroom; views which overlook Bowen Hills, stretching precisely out to the Brisbane River; the haunting recall of young romance; ascending the hill by means of the alpine (funicular) railway; surveying the magnificent ‘springy’ dance floor; sentimental thoughts of elegant balls, ballroom dances, jives and the stomp; fancy dress school formals; and sitting for their ‘uni’ exams in the opulent spacious dance hall.

ISBN: 9781922109774

Format: Paperback

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