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Abandoned Brisbane | Our Lost Heritage by Jay Millard

Abandoned buildings offer a glimpse into our heritage and hold untold stories, but sadly, not everyone gets the chance to hear them before they vanish forever. This realization fueled the author's passion for exploring and uncovering these forgotten places, including abandoned buildings, heritage sites, and hidden locations seldom seen by the public. Armed with a camera, the author embarked on a mission to discover, visit, photograph, and document as many of these sites as possible, preserving their stories for posterity.

Abandoned Brisbane is a captivating visual journey featuring over 140 striking images of eerie old factories, crumbling asylums, untouched country theaters, and forgotten homes. Each image is accompanied by a brief glimpse into the history of the location, offering readers a glimpse into the fascinating stories of these incredible places, all located within a few hours' drive of Brisbane.

About the Author
Born in 1982, Australian photographer Jay Millard has dedicated the last six years to capturing and documenting the allure of historical abandoned buildings scattered throughout South East Queensland. Recognising the impermanence of these time-worn structures, Jay's lens preserves their essence before they vanish forever.

Jay's distinctive photographic style, characterised by tight vertical lines and a slightly desaturated editing approach, reflects his self-taught talents. Over time, Jay discovered a profound passion for photographing abandoned buildings, and his work showcases an artful blend of creativity and fascination with these forgotten places.

Format: Paperback