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A River with a City Problem by Margaret Cook

A River with a City Problem presents a captivating historical account of the floods that have occurred in the Brisbane River catchment, with a particular focus on the significant floods in 1893, 1974, and 2011.

In the wake of the devastating floods that struck South East Queensland in 2011, the question of responsibility arose. Despite the known risks of residing on a floodplain, the majority of residents had placed their trust in Wivenhoe Dam to shield them from such calamities. However, when the dam fell short of expectations, the dam operators bore the brunt of blame for the ensuing catastrophic events.

Meticulously researched, the book delves into the forces of nature, the intricacies of politics, and the strength of community in the context of these floods. It sheds light on the challenges that river cities, facing rapid urban development, must confront. The author, Cook, compellingly advocates for necessary changes to be implemented to prevent future tragedies of this magnitude.

Format: Paperback