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Ruby Phyllis Sculptural Earring #626

Ruby Phyllis was established by an Australian designer Bianca Batstone, with her Invisible Thread collection over a decade ago.

Reflecting Bianca’s commitment to artisanal clothing and accessories, each Ruby Phyllis piece is still entirely handmade – a reason that makes them so special. Using unconventional materials, the current Gossamer collection combines decade-old textiles and embellishments with gold thread using a bespoke technique that gives form to accessories from bangles to handbags. 

Having no formal training, Bianca’s original approach to design unveils a vision for detail and colour that is timeless and clearly shows that each piece is destined to be treasured and shine in all seasons.
S O F T - S C U L P T U R E S
Intricately hand woven recycled fabric earrings
Sterling Silver Post-Stud and Back
Approx 3.5cm X 10cm
Designed and Handmade in Australia