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Five Summers: An Anthology by Elly Rinaldis

Prepare to fall in love with life and travel all over again.

In this debut collection of poems, Elly-Grace Rinaldis has created a love letter to the world. Sectioned into three chapters, Europe, Australia, and Asia; Five Summers: An Anthology, instills readers with a desire to travel, find love, and belonging. It will make your heart sing and, at times, feel heavy, as each poem explores the vulnerability and passion intrinsically bound in life.

Love and heartache poems from a summertime traveller; Elly-Grace says, “to travel is to feel at home.”

“Where to next? I wrestle with the answer.

I want the light on my face and an adventure on the horizon.

I want my heart on my sleeve.

I want nothing to stop me.”

Format: Paperback