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Husque Bauple Set

Husque is an innovative design product by Marc Harrison made with the native Australian macadamia nutshell. Husque takes the waste shell from the locally farmed nut and creates these unique bowls. The recycled shell is pulverised and reformed with a polymer. A coloured lining is then applied and hand polished to a beautiful lustre. 

The Bauple set is named after Mt Bauple in Queensland where the macadamia nut is prolific in the wild and historically referred to as the Bauple nut. There is a indigenous dreamtime reference to a man ‘Baphal’ of the Budjilla people sent to look after the mountain, which forms the origin of the name Baphal Nut.

Materials: macadamia shell and polymer

Dimension: large bowl H6cm x W14cm, small bowl H4.5cm x W11cm

Please note: If the colourway you'd like is sold out online we can order it in for you. Contact