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Jesse Irwin Sticker

Illustrated by Jesse Irwin in Brisbane, these stickers are digitally printed onto heavyweight gloss vinyl using UV stable inks. They're made of thick white gloss vinyl and come with a clear permanent acrylic adhesive, allowing for residue-free removal. Plus, they're suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with up to 4 years of outdoor durability.

Wombat - 6.5cm W
Magpie - 7cm H x 6cm W
Echidna - 7.5cm W
Possum - 7cm W
Metro - 
Bin Chicken - 10 cm H
Sugar Glider - 8cm H
Turkey - 8cm W
Kookaburra - 8cm H
Ibis - 5cm W
Wallaby - 7c H x 6cm W
Curlew - 6cm H x 6cm W
Dove - 7.5cm
Platypus - 7cm W
Lorikeet - 6cm H x 5cm W