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The Tea Centre Loose Leaf Tea | Native Lemongrass & Ginger

Introducing Native Lemongrass & Ginger herbal tea, now a part of The Tea Centre’s Australian Botanical Tea collection!

This special tea features wild-harvest lemongrass, known as "maarr" by the Nyul Nyul people in Western Australia. They've been using it for generations as a natural remedy. People from different parts of Australia also grow this native lemongrass to help with various issues like headaches, stomach discomfort, chest problems, and muscle cramps. 

The Tea Centre has combined these aromatic leaves with the comforting warmth of ginger. The result is a tea that captures the vibrant energy of these ingredients. the ginger is harvested when it's fully mature, and its fibrous nature adds a delightful look and scent to the tea. 

Get ready to enjoy the zesty hints of citrus along with a gentle kick of ginger spice. 

60G / 30 CUPS OF TEA